October podcast

Interview with Mandi Olivier, CA(SA) and SAICA’s Senior Executive: Professional Development, on how SAICA is committed to instilling ethics in aspiring accountants to ensure the future of the profession.


September podcast

Given the recent accounting and auditing scandals, the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants have increased its focus on ethics training in the pre- and post-qualification education space. Jeanne Viljoen, Project Director at SAICA elaborates on what SAICA is doing to address this issue.

August podcast

Pleasure shared is a pleasure doubled is the message Chantyl Mulder, CA(SA) and SAICA’s Executive Director: Nation Building, wants to share with the corporate world. As the world looks to heal after a crippling pandemic, why are SAICA so committed to the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)? The numbers are in… collaboration is king, both for the bottom line and for society.

July podcast

Auditor General’s report on audit results for local government  released 1July 2020, showed only 8% of municipalities received clean audits.

This reveals how vital strong internal controls, appropriately skilled staff and ethical conduct are in ensuring effective service delivery.

Natashia Soopal, the Project Director: Public Sector at SAICA emphasises on the need to professionalise the public sector finance professionals.

June podcast

Interview with Inge Muller, CFO and CA(SA) on SANRAL, To illustrate why AGAs(SA) and ATs(SA) are key parts of a finance office and why she is passionate about professionalising the SANRAL finance office through SAICA’s Associate General Accountants and Accounting Technicians designations.

May podcast

Professional bodies exist with the mandate of representing, promoting and enhancing their respective profession. we discover the benefits of belonging to a professional body such as SAICA or hiring an individual who belongs to one with an Interview with Robert Zwane to discuss the importance of professional body membership.

April podcast

Whether you call them “bean counters” or “those that crunch the numbers”, you can’t get past the importance of efficient accountants. If you run a business, or you need to hire an accountant, do you know the benefits of belonging to a professional body?

Introducing ‘Be Accountable’ – a progressive pathway to accounting excellence – brought to you by SAICA, the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants.